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An evolution in Patient Safety

Sentire Medical Systems has developed and patented Perf-Alert, a revolutionary monitoring system that will alert surgeons to the presence of bowel perforations during laparoscopic surgical procedures. This leap forward in patient safety enables immediate intraoperative repair protecting patients from one of the most devastating and costly risks of laparoscopic surgery. Perf-Alert is a non-invasive solution, elegant in its simplicity that will reduce readmissions, improve patient outcomes and dramatically reduce costs for payers and providers.


With more than 7.5 million laparoscopic procedures performed annually, solutions to the associated risks are more pressing than ever. The morbidity from the delay in treating a perforated bowel can range from minor conditions to hypoxic brain injury and complete loss of cognitive function, colostomies, fistulas and many other complications.  In addition, rapid progression of infection can lead to death in as little as 48 hours post-operatively.

When a bowel perforation occurs during laparoscopic surgery, many are not visualized or detected by the surgeon at the time of the event. In most cases, patients gradually develop symptoms related to the perforation and thus require an evaluation that involves a CT scan and an infectious disease assessment. When the perforation is identified intra-operatively, at the time of the occurrence, it can usually be repaired without complication. When the perforation is not visualized at the time of the incident, this necessitates emergent additional surgical intervention, often, an open laparotomy, with the patient having developed an abdominal infection, such as peritonitis or possibly sepsis.

Sentire was founded in 2011 and has been developing technology that will have a profound impact on patient safety and cost of care.

Clinical Data

Sentire's Perf-Alert™ system was successfully tested in an 8 patient, single-arm study at Stanford University during the spring/summer of 2016.  An abstract describing the study and results can be accessed here.